Anonymous asked:

What is the biggest campaign/brand that you have booked? And let say soon you'll be booked on a show, what brand would you like it to be? Have a good day 💕


I can’t really say what’s been the biggest job… but I think the Sonia Rykiel presentation I did last season was pretty big.

I’d love to walk for Givenchy or Saint Laurent. DREAMS!


fooam asked:

Are you a full blooded Filipina? I envy Filipina girls who are tall, just like you. I live in PH. ☺


Yes, I’m 100% Filipina :) Born and raised (partially) in Davao.

"Field of Dreams" - Lust, Covet, Desire’s Fall ‘14 campaign
Photography: Olivia Malone
Hair: Lizzie Arneson
Makeup: Jenna Kristina
Style: Hayley Atkin

New Yorker Fishbone Autumn ‘14 campaign

Shot by Ced Jereb for C-Heads Magazine at my house in Los Angeles




So cool! Thanks for the drawing :)


Marga - Paris

February 2014

© Porter Counts


Anonymous asked:

is weight/measurements a really big part of modeling? have you seen models working that aren't the average high fashion model but also aren't plus sized either? thank you xox


If you’re doing runway, then yes measurements are really important. Sometimes there are exceptions if a girl is already established and/or has a very distinct look. I can’t really name anyone off the top of my head… but I can tell you this: I don’t have the 34-24-34 ideal, but who gives a shit it’s okay… i still work and am thankful for every job that comes my way.

If you want to talk more about this topic, I’d prefer you to take yourself off anon, please :)